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For small business customers we offer value- added automation and energy management solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. The Clear2there portfolio includes everything from sensors, devices, and locks, to lighting, energy management products, and much more.


Product Portfolio


  • Flood Water Detection Devices

  • High Quality Wireless IP Camera for live and recorded video

  • Light Dimmer

  • Low Cost Wireless IP Camera for snapshot images and live video

  • Professional Quality IP Cameras with HD video in bullet and dome housings

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Wireless Smart Locks with LCD and Push Button Models

  • Wireless Keychain Fobs

  • Wireless Door/Window Sensors

  • Wireless Outdoor Power Outlet

  • Wireless Indoor Power Outlet

  • Wireless Home Energy Monitoring Kit

  • Wireless Multi-sensor (Motion, Temperature, Lighting, Humidity Detection)

  • Wireless Siren and Flashing Light

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