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Freedom to work – anytime, anywhere, on any device


With today’s diverse workforce, communications solutions must conform to the needs of individuals and organizations, not the other way around. Whether desk workers, corridor warriors, teleworkers, or fully-mobile workers, users demand the same feature-rich communications experience they have in the office, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.


Mitel Mobility Solutions are a continuum of Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, leveraging the same single software stream to deliver a consistent user experience wherever business happens. This approach gives you the freedom to choose the device or devices, the network type, and the environment – dedicated or virtualized – to support individual communication preferences and requirements without compromise or added complexity.

Mitel Mobility Solutions move with you from moment to moment to ensure that you’re always in touch, regardless of your location, and give you:


  • Freedom of an “in-office” communications experience from anywhere

  • Freedom to use almost any mobile device you choose

  • Freedom of a single identity, with one phone number, voice mailbox, and extension

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Mobile Client

Mitel Mobile Client allows mobile users to use short-number and extension dialing in combination with Mitel Mobile Extension, for accessing traditional communications system services as if they were using their standard features from their desk phones.


How it works

Mobile workers will have access to typical telephone features as if they were using their Mitel communications system’s desk phone. Mitel Mobile Client may be combined with Mitel communications system’s One Number concept to enable users to be reached on a single number, regardless of the device they are using, thus improving the effectiveness of their communications. Using the Mitel Mobile Client Mobile Least Cost Routing (MLCR) feature will enable the enterprise to have control of their mobile users’ long distance and roaming call set-up methods, which will enable them to significantly reduce their overall mobile phone costs. The Mobile LCR feature can reduce your mobile roaming cost by 30-90%. 


Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension integrates mobile phones into the PBX, providing all services needed to allow your employees to become truly mobile professionals.


How it works
Traffic to and from the mobile user passes through the Mitel communication system allowing the system to link services to the calls. Users of the Mitel Mobile Extension are defined just like other standard extensions. A telephone number is associated with the extension as well as the relevant Class of Services. The Tandem function will bring a true one-number solution to a Mobile Extension user. For other users of the system, the mobile user exists just like any other extension. This then means that any normal service is applicable and they do not need to know that they are specifically calling a Mobile Extension.

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