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Our Team

David Albeanu



David created the company in 1986. In the early years David filled every role in the business. In 1991 he expanded the company and brought the Mitel product to Bucharest, Romania. Besides being the first Mitel dealer in Romania he was one of the first US based companies allowed to enter the Romainian marketplace after the revolution. In his spare time he loves spending time with his 3 granddaughters.

Jonathan Albeanu

Service Manager


Jonathan started at Data Plus in 2001. He started out as a technican, certifed in most Mitel products before becomeing the Service Manager. Jonathan graduated from CSUF in 2006 with a Business Adminstration degree. He is a self taught muscian and enjoys spending time with his wife and two rescue cats (Katniss and Kaprica)

Tim Albeanu

Sales Manager


Tim started working for Data Plus in 2002. He spent his first 6 years as technician before moving into a Sales Engineer/AE and eventually Sales Manager. He graduated from CSUF in 2007 with a Marketing degree. When he isn't at work Tim enjoys playing basketball, biking with his two rescues (Reggie and Macy) and most importantly  spending time with his wife and daughter.

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